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The Artists

We are so excited to be working with these brilliant artists. As well as providing the music on this site, they are composers of full soundtracks. If you are looking for a unique score, get in touch and we’ll connect you. Browse through artist profiles below, there is some true talent here.



venn is the musical alias of Vincent Chow, a software test engineer native to Auckland.

With a background in classical piano, venn's works draw inspiration from electronic synthesis and computer based music production tools.

venn is also a DJ and hosts a weekly radio show on Auckland radio station KFM. He has also contributed to sounds used in beatmaking software Serato Studio,

Listen to "Digital Validation", "Golden Angle" and "Wattle Bay" on the City Lights album.


Theo Hnat

Theo is a Christchurch based choral and piano composer whose music is characterised by lush, emotionally evocative, and sweeping melodies inspired by the lyricism of Romantic era poetry and music. A pianist for 20 years, Theo ventured into the choral world as a member of the nationally renowned Cantabile and Malestrom choirs (Burnside High School). He has since been a member of the CBS choir, Christchurch Youth Choir (CYC), Consortia Chamber Choir, and now Voices New Zealand.

Theo is currently working full-time as a Structural Engineer whilst studying towards a Masters in Earthquake Engineering at UC. He also juggles being a Dad with singing with Consortia and Voices NZ when he can. He hopes to compose more pieces to support the growing choral scene in New Zealand, and maybe even explore conducting in Europe.

Listen to his track “Alla Luna” on the Starry Nights album.


Leisure Walks

Selena and Chris are a talented couple making deliciously creative jangly dream pop / shoegaze. You can check out their musical releases over on Bandcamp or Spotify.

The pair were heavily involved in the Melbourne music scene, where Chris played in Hideous Towns and kiwi shoegaze band Miniatures for many years. Selena is also a talented artist, her musician sketches are well worth a cheeky look! Now based in Canada, their creative minds are shining and we can’t wait to hear their next release!

Listen to their tracks on the Rolling Landscapes album.


Cameron Hoy

This Christchurch local is a purveyor of epic techno tracks with his alter ego Keanu Raves and radio show Club Unique. He is also a talented sound engineer!

Listen to his tracks on the City Lights & Rolling Landscape albums.


T G Shand

The latest project from kiwi composer Annemarie Duff, also known as Mmdelai, half of NZ groups Miniatures and Pinn’d.

Now based in Christchurch, she makes tracks across various genres and has composed soundtracks for a number of projects including the BBC, Lionsgate and Sesame Street.